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2017 Trip in Huizhou Double Moon Bay

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Our company organized a two-day tour at the famous tourist resort - Huizhou Double Moon Bay on November 25-26, 2017.

On the first day of the afternoon,we roamed in the "Left Gulf" which called the Gold Coast of Guangdong.We Listened to the sound of the sea,saw the ebb and flow, walked in the waves, felt the relaxing sea breeze, picked shells,and listened to the passion of the sea surging.

In the evening, everyone took an active part in a fun filled barbecue. all the partners were rewarded on this trip for not only working as a team, but also for their concerted efforts through the year, and shared a delicious barbecue feast with the entire team together.

The next day we went straight to the observation deck of Star mountain, overlooking the panoramic view of Huidong at the top of the hill.With the left bay calm and reflective as a mirror, the right bay water choppy with two rows of sand ridge leading straight to Star mountain splitting the sea making it as if a dragon is rushing out of the sea like Twin-dragon play and intertwining together, there is a static and dynamic magnificence.

Everyone really enjoyed the local offerings of seafood for lunch.

This tour really allowed everyone to relax and release a lot of stress and

pressure, and at the same time enhanced the bonding between colleagues. The exchanged between co workers on this trip really encouraged interactions that usually wouldn't be seen on the work floor. 

The impeccably breath taking views from the comfort of the rooms really made everyone want to come back.  The trip really put everyone in a great and motivated mood to welcome the new year.   

Double Bay, we will come back! ! !