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2017 year trip-three days to Yangshuo

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Our company organized a three-day trip to Yangshuo from July 6th to 8th, 2017.

Many interesting landmarks made our tour very fruitful, we went to the Silver Cave, west street, the Lijiang River guyue ,and Xingping Lijiang River.  We also had a very colorful variety of other activities as well. We indulged in the beauty of nature that the local scenery provided , we were able to enjoy local cultures, experience interactive performances, participate in team building activities such as tug of war and various fun and exciting card games. All these activities really helped our team bond and come together as one.

We believe the three days journey in Yangshuo has instantly become one of our deepest team building expereiences. During the process of enjoying the splendid Yangshuo views, tasting the fine food, and experiencing the special activities, which made us really feel the local customs as well as close the distance between co workers.  The trip really helped taking us away from the daily grind and relieved a lot of built up stress and have rejuvenated our motivation as well as confidence in each other, as a team.

This trip coincides with the Fifth anniversary of our factory.  The experiences that we have gained and the hard work we have put in the first 5 years of our company is what made our success today.  We hope to continue to build off of our current foundation and only push the potential that we can acheive to a newer level of success!