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Our special celebration for Lantern Festival-making dumplings together

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To celebrate The Lantern Festival, dumpling making activity was held on 10th Feb., 2017 in Jayo. Different flavor stuffing and delicious dipping sauce were well prepared, and with all our effort, only takes 40mintues all dumplings were made and we had a fancy and delicious dumpling feast.
“Best dumpling maker” competition also set in the festival. All colleagues were divided into six groups, each group select a expert participates in the game, after fierce competition, finally our Payable accountant Huang Yuhui won the competition and gained the prize. Other competitors also have gift.
Making dumping is traditional family activity in China,especially for celebration. This activity is not only enrich our spare time, but also enhance the communication among colleagues.
After the dumpling feast, we all received gifts from the company. This Lantern Festival is unforgettable and full of love!