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Jayo attend the Exhibition 2018 India International Electronic Components and Production Equipment Exhibition

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26th-28th,September, Jayo sales Department participated in India International Electronic Components and Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition 2018 take lots of intelligent control boards for household appliances.
India International Electronic Components, Materials and Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition is sponsored by Munich International Expo Group. It is one of the global electronic world exhibitions. It is an exhibition of electronic components, materials and production equipment in South Asia, which is very professional and highly internationalized.
The exhibition started in 2000 and is held once annually. Under the strong brand guarantee of Munich's "Component Exhibition Experts", the exhibition attracted a large number of high-quality exhibitors and spectators with its extremely new technology release, efficient exhibition publicity and full coverage of professional influence.
Jayo specializes in manufacturing kinds of PCBA of household appliances for customers many years, and is committed to becoming the best partner of PCBA for household appliances. It has deep cooperation with leading manufacturers in the industry and has certain influence in this field.
At this time, Jayo exhibited kinds of intelligent APP controls and PCBA of household appliances, which provided customers with high quality choices and attracted many businessmen to negotiate. 
At present, many manufacturers and distributors are very optimistic about the PCBA of smart control board household appliances, and the trend of future intelligence is gradually highlighted.
China's electronic components, materials and production equipment industries have great potential for India's exports, so this exhibition is a good opportunity for Chinese enterprises to understand the Indian market and expand their exports to India.
In this exhibition, Jayo has been recognized by many appliance control board manufacturers, which has enhanced our company's industry influence and laid a solid foundation for further expanding our company's industrial layout in the field of PCBA for household appliances.