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Lucius Master Controller

The controller is a modular control system for operating and monitoring the lighting, CO2.A maximum of 100pcs light fixtures can be controlled by means of two out-ports. The controller switches the lighting on or off by means of a built-in timer.
The controller communicates with the Dimlux ballasts or the light fixtures by means of a signal cable, which should be connected between the controller and the various ballasts and light fixtures. Interlink cables are supplied with both the Maxi-controller and the ballasts/ light fixtures.
Product description

Master Controller

The controller is a modular control system for operating and monitoring the lighting, CO2.A maximum of 100pcs light fixtures can be controlled by means of two out-ports. The controller switches the lighting on or off by means of a built-in timer.

How to connect the fixture/ballast

The controller communicates with the Dimlux ballasts or the light fixtures by means of a signal cable, which should be connected between the controller and the various ballasts and light fixtures. Interlink cables are supplied with both the Maxi-controller and the ballasts/ light fixtures. 

The following parameters can be set in the Light menu:

The current time can be set by pressing the SET key while TIME is displayed on the screen. For this purpose, use the + and – keys and confirm with SET.
The current date can be set by pressing SET if DATE is displayed on the screen . For this purpose,use the + and – keys and confirm with SET.
Timer ON/OFF
The precise time that the light has to go on or off can be set by pressing the SET key while TIMER is displayed on the screen. For this purpose, use the + and – keys and confirm with SET.
Sunrise and/or sunset can be simulated using rise/fall. The time, which indicates how long the simulated sunrise or sunset should last can be set by pressing the SET key while Rise/Fall is displayed.
Temp limit
Three temperatures are displayed: L, H and S. When the first temperature (L = Low-Dim) is reached, the lights dim to prevent the temperature from becoming too high in the room. The controller dims the lights up to maximum 35%.
When the second temperature (H = High-Dim) is reached despite the dimmed lights, the controllerswitches off all lights operated by the even ports (2 and 4). Half of the lights are therefore turned off.
When the third temperature (S = Shutdown) is reached despite the fact that all lights are dimmed and half of the lights are off, all lights go off. Then there is probably a problem with the air conditioning in the room.
Output power
You can select which light fixture/ballast must be controlled by pressing the SET key while OUTPUT POWER is displayed on the screen. Using the + or – key you can select:
*315 Watt 
*600 Watt
*630 Watt  
*1000 Watt
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