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Air cleaner PCBA

Customized Design:Yes
Surface treatment:Immersion Gold ( Lead Free)
Board thickness:1.0mm
Copper thickness:1oz
Substrate material:FR-4
Rang of finish boards Thickness:0.21-7.0mm
Number of Layers:1-12Layers
Product description

Air cleaner PCBA

First, the basic functions of the machine
1) touch keys: negative ions, child locks, wind speed, on / off, reset, timing, sleep, humidity settings
2) indicator shows: negative ions, child lock, intelligent, soft, standards, strength, rapid net smoke, air purification, purification and humidification, clean 1 / 4, replacing 2, the replacement of 3, replacement of 4, 1hr, 4hr, 8Hr, sleep, environment humidity (1 ~ 5 lights), setting humidity (6-8 lights), water, WiFi indicator (such as not to configure the WiFi, the indicator light cancel)
3) air quality display
4) air outlet decorative lamp display
Two, air detection method:
1)Odor sensor 2) dust sensor 
Three, input and output
Input: 220VAC~50Hz (switching power supply board)
1) control panel (touch button, DC5V)
2) air quality display (DC5V)
3) air outlet decorative lamp (DC5V)
4)Dust sensor (two) (SK 4)
5) odor sensor (Fis, SP3S-AQ2-01)
6) humidity sensor (display current environment humidity)
7) reed sink, whether installed in place)
8) reed (lack of judgment)
9) brushless DC motor (DC340V, 38W.1000RPM)
10) shaded pole motor (220V~50Hz, 2800r/min)
11) negative ion generator (220V~50Hz)
12) anti dumping switch power-off, power off)
13) Wifi module (if you do not configure WiFi, you can cancel the module)
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