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Lucius 630W 120V/240V Dual CMH Complete Fixture Controller Ready

The Lucius 630W C2 Dual CMH complete fixture (non-controllable) is designed specifically for full spectrum, low heat, and most importantly performance.

This full spectrum high output system replaced a standard 1000W HID fixture. Incredibly high PAR output and spread consistency.
Product description




Soft Start Technology
The Lucius Ballast is a digital ballast on a software based platform.  Utilizing Japanese componentsand unparalleled engineering, Lucius is able to achieve a less than 1% return rate.  Upon ignition,Lucius ballests will ease up to full draw . It will take about  15-20 minutes  to achieve full intensity and energy draw. The feature helps avoid huge amperage draws when your system turns on.
Restrike of hot lamps
In the event of power failure,Lucius digital ballasts utilize a timed re-strike system that will detect hot lamps before re-striking.If hot lamps are detected ,re-strike will be delayed for 60 seconds intervals until lamps have cooled sufficiently for re-strike.
Ignition control
Lights will ignite sequentially to completely balance the electrical draw& avoid tripping breakers.Lucius ballast have the ability to detect load stability and will ignite lamps when the load is most stable.Because lamps ignition sequentially ,one at a time with soft start ,your electrical system avoids surges and spikes and allows for maximum energy efficiency.
SenseSmart is a series of pre-ignition self-diagnostic checks,which checks for 8 different safety factors before attempting topower the lamp.This technology creates a closed circuit between the lamp(output) and your power source(input) and will stop operation to the lamp if anything dangerous is detected.The ballast will attempt to restrike the lamp every 90 seconds until the issue is cleared.
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