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Coffee machine control board

Customized Design:Yes
Surface treatment:Immersion Gold ( Lead Free)
Board thickness:1.0mm
Copper thickness:1oz
Substrate material:FR-4
Rang of finish boards Thickness:0.21-7.0mm
Number of Layers:1-12Layers
Product description

Coffee machine control board


Product Introduction:

This series of products using micro controller for the coffee machine internal temperature and condition monitoring system,The adoption of the heating power of the linear control theory,So the internal temperature can be very precise control,At the same time the operation of the peripheral is straightforward,Truly realized the fool handel,And adopted the low-power power supply module,Standby power consumption in accordance with the latest eu energy consumption standard.
Display mode:
According to the diversity of different colors of leds indicate the coffee machine working state;
Operating mode:
Light touch button, switch gear.
Detection mode:
NTC temperature sensor for temperature sense
Use dry reed pipe detection of coffee
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