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Electric oven PCBA

Customized Design:Yes
Surface treatment:Immersion Gold ( Lead Free)
Board thickness:1.0mm
Copper thickness:1oz
Substrate material:FR-4
Rang of finish boards Thickness:0.21-7.0mm
Number of Layers:1-12Layers
Product description

Electric oven PCBA

1.Product introduction:
This series of products mainly used in embedded electric oven electronic control can realize the electric oven control of all functions, the interface friendly with the corresponding operation parts and executive components, control unit is optional, according to customer requirements.
Man-machine interface optional mode:
Display mode: digital tube display, LCD display, VFD display.
Key: touch switch, induction button.
Knob mode: band switch, code switch. (with mechanical adjustment of the baking function and temperature of the model)
Execution unit:
The upper part of the heating pipe, the lower part of the heating tube, the back of the heating pipe, if the inside and outside of the circle can be controlled separately.
Furnace lamp, cooling fan, convection fan, rotating electric machine...
Temperature probe temperature measurement methods: can be used for thermal resistance, platinum resistance (PT100 or PT1000), thermocouple.
2 technical parameters:
2.1. voltage range: 90 ~ 230VAC.
2.2. rated frequency: 50/60Hz
2.3. storage environment: the temperature is -20 C ~105 C; the humidity is less than 95%RH
2.4. the use of the environment: the maximum ambient temperature of 105 degrees Celsius, humidity is less than 95%RH
3 function profile
3.1. timing function: to achieve timing baking, baking reservation, alarm function.
3.2. baking mode: the upper layer can be heated, the lower layer is heated, and the back is heated by any combination.
3.3. convection fan auxiliary function: through the intelligent control of convection fan, auxiliary heating pipe to achieve the effect of uniform heating.
3.4. barbecue fork rotation function: to achieve food rotation baking, to achieve the effect of uniform heating of food.
3.5. menu function: the best heating mode and time can be set in advance for the specific food, storage, the next boot can be directly invoked menu program to work.
3.6. self cleaning function: the cooking dirt and debris were burned at the temperature of about 500 degrees Celsius.
3.7. temperature measurement function: according to the temperature of the temperature sensor to achieve intelligent control.
3.8. humidification function: in the scheduled time of the food spray steam humidification. Ensure food surface humidity.
3.9. child lock function: to prevent misuse.
3.10. cooling fan: according to the temperature of automatic switch, to achieve the cooling effect.
3.11. fault alarm function: after the fault occurs, can stop the alarm, and display the fault code. Ensure human safety.
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