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Coffee machine control board

Customized Design:Yes
Surface treatment:Immersion Gold ( Lead Free)
Board thickness:1.0mm
Copper thickness:1oz
Substrate material:FR-4
Rang of finish boards Thickness:0.21-7.0mm
Number of Layers:1-12Layers
Product description

Coffee machine control board


Product Features:


Coffee machine commonly used function keys

1. On/Off On/Off: After the power is turned on, the button starts to make coffee. The On indicator and the ON word on the LCD are on. After the coffee is cooked (temperature detection), the buzzer emits “Bi..Bi..Bi. .BiBi. Prompt that the coffee is cooked; press the key to stop heating during coffee; at any time by pressing this key to turn on/off the heat and exit all modes, the current time is displayed on the LCD.
2. Program reservation) The machine is not allowed to make coffee; Press the LCD key to display the scheduled coffee making time and PROGRA M status. At the same time, the time display flashes at a frequency of 0.5 Hz. Minutes can be adjusted by pressing Min.
3, Auto Automatic) Press this button. The Auto indicator flashes. LCDON indicates that the machine enters the scheduled power-on state. When the current time reaches the scheduled time, the machine powers on. At the same time, the buzzer sends out a message saying “BiBiBi prompts the machine to make an appointment. The Auto indicator goes out.

Coffee machine function introduction

1, to achieve coffee machine initialization
Turn on the power switch of the coffee machine, and the controller controls the entire coffee machine system to complete an initialization to make necessary preparations for making coffee or steam;
2, making coffee
After the initialization of the coffee machine is completed, the controller controls the operation of the heater and the water temperature rises, at which point the coffee light flashes. When the temperature sensor detects that the water temperature reaches about 90°C, the coffee machine is turned into the keep-warm state, and the coffee indicator light is turned on and the coffee is ready;
3, making steam
In the default coffee state, press the steam button, the controller controls the heater heating, the water temperature continues to rise until the vapor occurs, adhere to the temperature. During the steam indicator light flashes into a steady state;
4, protection function:
NTC open circuit alarm: When NTC is opened, turn off the heating, the buzzer will send out "Bi..Bi..Bi. sound until the power is turned off; ON/OFF is forbidden when opening the alarm and the power on is reserved;
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