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Microwave oven control board

Customized Design:Yes
Surface treatment:Immersion Gold ( Lead Free)
Board thickness:1.0mm
Copper thickness:1oz
Substrate material:FR-4
Rang of finish boards Thickness:0.21-7.0mm
Number of Layers:1-12Layers
Product description

Microwave oven control board


Product Features:

1. Microwave: Used to select microwave cooking and cooking levels.
2. Lightwave barbecue: used to select lightwave cooking and cooking firepower levels.
3. Composite fire: used to select the combined heating method of microwave and light wave barbecue.
4. Theme menu: Can cook a variety of foods you like without having to choose time and firepower levels.
5. Lightwave frequency conversion cuisine: barbecue (delicious automatic light wave grill menu menu cuisine) / soak (fast set for dry goods) / fermentation (fast fermentation of food).
6. Automatic reheating: Store various reheating menus in the microcomputer in advance and select the reheating type as required.
7. Automatic thawing: Thaw according to the weight of the set food.
8. Lightwave disinfection: Disinfect bottles and towels.
9. Simple menu: simple and quick cooking menu.
10. Time setting: time can be adjusted during manual cooking
11. Weight/time setting: The time can be adjusted when cooking manually, and the weight can be adjusted when thawing according to weight.
12. Stop/Cancel/Power Saving Function: Stop the microwave oven and eliminate all inputs. Power Saving: Enters the sleep power saving mode. Child Lock: Prevents misuse by children.
13. Quick start/start function: Start the microwave oven after you select the food category. When you manually enter the program to run, you need to add cooking time, add 30 seconds
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